TEXAID Textilverwertungs-AG, a part of the TEXAID Group, and VISIOTEX AG, a provider of patient clothing for healthcare institutions in Switzerland, have formed a strategic partnership to promote sustainable end-of-life solutions through textile-to-textile (T2T) recycling. This collaboration aims to address the environmental impact of discarded cotton garments and drive the transition towards a circular economy in the textile industry.
Textile Recycling and Healthcare

Challenge: The challenge at hand was to establish a system that enables the collection, sorting, and recycling of single-use cotton garments used in hospitals and radiology institutes. These garments, after use, needed to be efficiently processed and transformed into new materials for the production of textiles, thereby reducing waste and conserving resources.

Solution: TEXAID Group, known for its expertise in textile recycling, took on the responsibility of consolidating, processing, and preparing the collected single-use garments for transportation to their recycling partner. At their sorting facility in Schattdorf, TEXAID meticulously sorted the garments, ensuring that they were suitable for the recycling process. In the next step, the garments were then processed to extract the cotton fibers, which were transformed into new recycled fibers. Subsequently, these fibers were further processed into yarn and eventually woven into fabric suitable for the production of new textiles.

Results: The collaboration between TEXAID and VISIOTEX AG has marked a significant milestone in the advancement of the circular economy. By leveraging their respective expertise and resources, both companies have successfully established a sustainable system for textile recycling. This partnership has enabled the transformation of used cotton garments into valuable raw materials, reducing waste and conserving resources.

TEXAID's commitment to providing end-of-life solutions for textile producers, retailers, and traders has been realized through this collaboration. By implementing the textile-to-textile (T2T) recycling process, TEXAID and VISIOTEX AG have exemplified the possibilities of a circular economy, where old textiles are given new life.

Martin Böschen, CEO TEXAID GROUP

“We are thrilled about the partnership with VISIOTEX and the joint promotion of textile recycling. Together, we can make a significant contribution to resource conservation and waste reduction.”

The success of this collaboration demonstrates the significance of sustainable solutions in the textile industry. TEXAID and VISIOTEX AG are united in their commitment to accelerating the transition towards a circular-oriented future, where the reuse and recycling of textiles play a central role.

In conclusion, TEXAID and VISIOTEX AG's partnership has exemplified the positive impact of collaboration and innovation in driving sustainable end-of-life solutions in the textile industry. By working together, these companies have paved the way for a circular economy, fostering a future where old textiles are transformed into new, valuable resources.

Accelerating Circularity