As a leading textile collecting, sorting, reselling & recycling company, TEXAID and its retail solutions focuses on providing smart collection tools and sustainable resale, repair and recycling solutions for end-of-use textiles and footwear to fashion brands and retailers.
Partnership for circularity

TEXAID and PYUA partnered together, to take responsibility at the end-of-use phase of PYUA textiles. Through partnering with TEXAID, PYUA developed and implemented its circular product strategy. The Munich based outdoor brand aims to reduce their negative impact on the environment and to operate 100 % circular by 2025.

PYUA takes responsibility for their end-of-use textiles through partnering with TEXAID. Through the take-back system, PYUA enables its customers to return used textiles at the end-of-use phase to its service provider TEXAID. The next and very important step in this reversed supply chain is the sorting of the used textiles. In the sorting it is decided what will happen next with the used textile. Highly trained employees at TEXAID sort according to more than 300 different quality and product group criteria to ensure the best possible reuse or recycling process.

Furthermore, TEXAID provided consulting services to support the development of an innovative recycling strategy for PYUA polyester apparel. To enable a closed loop, the partnership brings together product design and recycling to create products for a circular recycling. In the collaboration between TEXAID and PYUA, innovative recycling possibilities were investigated, and important strategic learnings were made for the implementation of a full circular recycling of polyester apparel. PYUA benefitted from TEXAID's recycling expertise and expansive recycling network.

Offering tailor-made consulting for an innovative circular value chain is part of the TEXAID service portfolio to close the loop for textiles. A holistic approach is taken, and brand specific needs are considered to build the whole supply chain from product development through a lifecycle and back to manufacturing, starting from providing the take-back system. If you are interested in a circular transformation and aim to learn more about how to close the loop for your textiles, you are welcome to write us an email at retailsolutions@texaid.com.

Daniela Hochmuth, CSR Manager Pyua

“Pyua sees itself as a driving force to advance the topics of recycling and circular economy together with the entire industry. TEXAID is an important and strong partner in the area of end-of-life-solutions, with whom we are successfully working on the implementation of the vision of textile-to-textile recycling of polyester apparel.”

Let’s close the loop together