Dimpora partnered with TEXAID to investigate possibilities of different recycling routes for the dimpora membranes and its laminates. Both the technical loop as well as the biological loop were investigated.
Partnership for circularity

Dimpora is a Swiss startup and spin-off from ETH. Their aim is to develop sustainable and non-harmful functional membranes, mostly aimed at the production of outdoor gear. Their next generation sustainable membranes are fluorine-free, fully microporous, highly breathable and waterproof. Through extensive research in combination with TEXAIDs expertise in textile recycling, strategic measures and recommendations were developed for dimpora on how a circular loop for their laminates could look like. Within the scope were aspects from consumer engagement, business relationships, an investigation on different recycling routes, as well as value chain traceability and reversed logistics. Offering tailor-made consulting for an innovative circular value chain is part of the TEXAID service portfolio to close the loop for textiles. A holistic approach is taken and brand specific needs are considered. If you are interested in a circular transformation and aim to learn more about how to close the loop for your textiles, you are welcome to write us an email at retailsolutions@texaid.com.

Emma Karttunen, Senior R&D & Sustainability Engineer, dimpora AG

“We see ourselves as a leader in creating the next generation of fully sustainable membranes, and having a holistic view of the whole life-cycle is an important part of it. Through partnering with TEXAID, we could develop a framework and foundation to further develop both our circular strategy as well as enabling our membranes for a circular system.”