Specialized sorting and pre-processing for upcycled collections is one more way that TEXAID is partnering with brands to enable greater circularity.
Post-consumer Upcycled Collection

Through a collaboration between C&A, E.L.V. DENIM, Makers Unite, and TEXAID, it was possible to collect, sort, wash, redesign and remanufacture post-consumer textile denim into new, unique garments. For this collection, E.L.V. DENIM sourced post-consumer denim from TEXAID and C&A’s end-of-season denim garments. TEXAID collected, sorted, washed and graded all post-consumer denim jeans for this project. Part of the post-consumer jeans were collected in the C&A “We Take it Back” program, which is operated by TEXAID. The “We Take it Back” program enables customers to return used garments and shoes directly in C&A stores as well as online. After the sorting and pre-processing, the jeans were ready to be remanufactured, which was performed by Makers Unite in Amsterdam.

The upcycled jeans were launched in September of 2022 as a capsule collection by C&A, in collaboration with Anna Foster, founder and creative director of E.L.V. DENIM. The products were sold through C&A’s online stores in Germany and at the flagship store at Kufürstendamm in Berlin. The collaboration offered six exclusive, hand-crafted, upcycled denim styles, with every garment being a one-of-a-kind.

TEXAID is pleased to have collaborated with C&A on the upcycling of post-consumer denim. You can read more about the collaboration at Denim highlight: E.L.V. DENIM x C&A (c-and-a.com)

William Brenninkmeyer, Lead of Innovation, C&A

“This collection is the first upcycled collection of C&A, showing that amazing and unique styles can be designed out of pre-consumer and post-consumer waste thanks to strong partners along the value chain“