PUMA partners with TEXAID to enable their RE:FIBRE textile to textile recycling program in Switzerland.

PUMA is working to have a more sustainable, long-term solution for recycling polyester jerseys. To achieve this goal, they have developed their RE:FIBRE Program, which transforms textile waste, along with other used materials, into new textiles. Aligned with the launch of the PUMA Switzerland 23/24 Women’s World Cup home jersey, PUMA and TEXAID have partnered for the Swiss division of their RE:FIBRE Program.

To enable this textile to textile program in Switzerland, specific feedstocks are requires, which is TEXAID’s role as the operator of the collection and sorting. Currently active in the PUMA Zurich location at Jelmoli, customers can bring garments of all brands and deposit them in-store. TEXAID collects and sorts the deposited items, providing PUMA with the polyester garments to be recycled for new garments, like the newly launched jersey. All other garments are channeled by TEXAID to their next life cycle.

To learn more about the program, PUMA®-RE:FIBRE

Stefan Seidel, Senior Head of Corporate Sustainability, PUMA

“As part of our Forever Better Sustainability Strategy, at PUMA we have set ambitious sustainability targets including the move to 75% recycled polyester by 2025 as well as the roll out of Take Back schemes in all major markets. The partnership with TEXAID will support both targets and help to promote garment to garment recycling via our RE:FIBRE initiative.”