Expansion of international in-store collection program
As a leading company in the collecting, sorting, reselling and recycling of post-consumer textile waste, TEXAID has enabled the recycling of post-consumer textile waste into new textiles and clothing. Working together with brands and retailers, TEXAID and our partners are continuing to take action to shift from a linear to a circular system.


Today’s linear system of «take – make – waste» needs to change. New textiles are produced, used and discarded instead of putting them to a second use. The production of new textiles requires natural resources that are limited, and the current system has a significant negative impact on our planet. The transition to a circular system, where garments are kept in use for longer, is an opportunity to harness untapped potential around customer loyalty, economic growth, and ecological sustainability. To move away from the linear system and enable products to be made out of post-consumer textile waste, TEXAID continues to expand its offering for in-store collection programs throughout Europe and the USA.


Since 2022, TEXAID has partnered with Triumph International, operating their in-store collection program, “Together We Grow”, for 160 stores across Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Given the success of the program, starting April 2023, in-store take back has been expanded to an additional 108 stores across Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Spain. Customers bring in their worn garments and TEXAID manages the collected clothing in alignment with the EU waste hierarchy, sending each item to its next most sustainable lifecycle. TEXAID is pleased to be partnering with Triumph International to offer in-store take back, at scale, across Europe. For every 5 kg collected, Triumph plants a tree in partnership with Treedom.

TEXAID is continually fostering new collection programs of post-consumer textiles to efficiently sort them for their next lifecycle and is looking for strong industry partners to push consumer awareness and participation in joint projects like these.