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Announcement of Renewed program partnership with Ridestore
As a leading company in the collecting, sorting, repair, reselling, and recycling of post-consumer textile waste, TEXAID has enabled the recycling of post-consumer textile waste into new textiles and clothing. Working together with brands and retailers, TEXAID and our partners are continuing to take action to shift from a linear to a circular system.

Today’s linear system of «take – make – waste» needs to change. New textiles are produced, used and discarded instead of putting them to a second use. The production of new textiles requires natural resources that are limited, and the current system has a significant negative impact on our planet. The transition to a circular system, where garments are kept in use for longer, is an opportunity to harness untapped potential around customer loyalty, economic growth, and ecological sustainability. But how is this accomplished in a practical sense?


TEXAID is excited to be partnering with Ridestore to enable a circularity. Already having processed several thousand items, the Ridestore Renewed program in partnership with TEXAID highlights the practical steps to shift away from «take – make – waste» towards a circular system, keeping wearable garments in use for longer and finds the next, most environmentally responsible lifecycle for garments no longer fit for reuse.

The collaboration between Ridestore and TEXAID is a customized service based on brand needs and TEXAID expertise. Ridestore sends items that, for one reason or another, no longer meet first quality requirements. Examples of this include unsellable returns, claims, and damaged or worn items. Upon arrival, TEXAID’s highly trained staff sorts according to brand specific criteria as well as the EU waste hierarchy to determine each item's next lifecycle. Items that, with a little help, can continue to be used in their originally intended form, are renewed. To be prepared for reuse, they may be cleaned, repaired, relabeled with SKU and hangtags, given a quality check to ensure the highest level of service, rated according to Ridestore’s Renewed level, and repackaged. TEXAID returns the renewed goods back to Ridestore to enable their next use phase through their Dope Snow and Montec Renewed platforms. The remaining goods are also given their next most environmentally friendly lifecycle, primarily through resale and downcycling.

Through TEXAIDs service, Ridestore can efficiently hand off the tasks of sorting, cleaning, repairing, relabeling, repackaging, reselling, and recycling the items that would otherwise go unused and clog their warehouse. This partnership allows Ridestore to do what they do best, make great products and offer recommerce to their customers and TEXAID takes care of the rest. TEXAID is looking for strong industry partners in joint projects like these to further enable and scale actionable circular value chains in the textile industry.


TEXAID offers customized solutions to enable circular textile value chains. With over 40 years of experience, TEXAID is a trusted solution provider for collection, sorting, resale, and recycling of pre- and post-consumer textiles and footwear. Over 1’000 employees process more than 280 million items (around 80,000 tons) of end-of-use textiles and shoes throughout Europe and the USA each year.


Ridestore is an online retail company that threw out the rulebook, disregarded ‘traditional’ company structures, and set out to make their own line of snow gear with the rider community at its core. The result are the outdoor snow brands Montecwear and Dopesnow, currently selling all over North America and Europe. For more information, visit their websites dopesnow, MONTEC™ or Ridestore.