TEXAID's first recycled tote bag with a digital product passport
In creating this bag, our goal was to demonstrate the possibility of producing outstanding products using recycled textile waste. At TEXAID, we strive to introduce high-quality materials and recycled fibers into the circular textile value chain to develop new products made not only from various waste sources, but also from used textiles. This bag represents a significant first step towards that vision, serving as a capsule product for our Vintage Revivals second-hand stores. These bags will be available for purchase at our second-hand stores across Germany

In the fashion and textiles industry, less than 1% of fibers are recycled into new ones. Textiles that cannot be reused in their original form are typically downcycled into secondary materials in an open-loop system. The circular economy aims to eliminate waste by maintaining it within the loop, thus conserving resources. To promote the use of post-consumer fibers in textiles, TEXAID has introduced a white tote bag made from a unique blend of 50% recycled textile waste collected in Switzerland and Germany, alongside 50% ocean-bound plastic waste rescued and recycled by Unifi.

The cotton material was converted into fiber by Marchi & Fildi in Biella, Italy, and spun into yarn using recycled cotton and polyester fibers. This yarn was woven into fabric by Tessitura Casoni.T.F.C.. The care label and flag label were produced by Bornemann-Etiketten GmbH in Germany, with an NFC chip from circular.fashion integrated into the product. All components were then assembled into the bag in Tuscany by benefit company Alisea Srl Società Benefit in collaboration with partner Paimex SRL, and screen printed with our design.