In complement with their in-store take back program (operated by TEXAID) and repair program, ODLO launched in-store resale to further promote reuse of their garments.

In-store Resale Enabled

Since 2020, ODLO and TEXAID have partnered for their in-store take back program. In 2023, the partnership has expanded to include in-store resale, enabled by TEXAID. Starting in their Swiss market, ODLO ReWEAR makes refurbished items available direct to consumers. As a leading resale partner, TEXAID curates a selection of garments based on ODLO’s criteria. These garments come from both TEXAID’s inventory as well as ODLO’s in-store take back goods. The TEXAID team sorts and assesses each garment and performs cleaning and repair services to prepare them for their next use phase. Cleaning and de-pilling can refresh a garment. Restoring function is crucial for further use. Repairs include replacement of zipper pulls and sliders, patching holes, reinforcing seams, replacing trims, and more. A quality check is preformed to ensure the garment is ready for its next adventure. From there, new hang tags are attached, pricing is added and the garments are sent to ODLO stores.

Rewear Logo Blue

Johanna Heimlicher, Head of Sustainability, ODLO

“Re-selling preloved pieces from past seasons and reducing overall waste generation throughout our clothing’s lifecycle is a key component of our circularity commitment,” explained Johanna Heimlicher, head of sustainability, ODLO. “We’re excited to see this project take flight and eager to see where these pieces adventure to next.”